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  • Recipes with cocoa, enjoy the best flavors


    The best recipes with cocoa are those that choose the highest quality ingredient. The purest or the one with the best flavor. Therefore, before getting into the kitchen, it is best to select the raw material well. And the result can vary a lot depending on this. At Vulcanotec, experts as we are in machinery […]

  • Cocoa VS Chocolate: know the difference


    Cocoa vs chocolate is an article in which we help you differentiate between cacao and one of its derivatives, chocolate. And it is that despite being related, they are different. For this reason, they work with different machinery and undergo completely different processes. At Vulcanotec, as specialists in machinery for working with these types of […]

  • Cocoa myths about its influence on our health


    There are many myths and stories around cocoa. Some of them related to our health. At Vulcanotec we know that cocoa is a superfood that should be in all diets. For this reason, we have written this post in which we dismantle 6 myths about cocoa.   Cocoa myths you should know. For many years, […]

  • 13 health benefits of cocoa and chocolate

    health benefits of cocoa and chocolate

    Cocoa and chocolate are very beneficial for health. Their composition, the way in which they help our body to perform its functions, the function they exert in our brain, etc. have led them to be considered superfoods. However, as the list of benefits is endless, at Vulcanotec we have summarized this list. In this way, […]

  • Where to find the best cocoa in the world?

    best cocoa - fruit

    If you love chocolate, you know that not all chocolates are the same. There are chocolates of different qualities and flavours, but where to find the best cocoa in the world? In Vulcanotec we have found it. This is because we write this article. Remember that before now we talked about the origin of cocoa, […]

  • Cocoa products: much more than chocolate!

    Cocoa products

    Cocoa products are used to add flavor, flavor and texture to foods. In this way, it provides nutritional and functional benefits to dishes or foods that are made with this ingredient. Thus, for example, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor and cocoa powder are some of the main ingredients used to make chocolates. The favorable characteristics of […]

  • Cereal is the breakfast food of our childhoods and yes of our future


    Cereal is the breakfast food of our childhoods and yes of our future. And is that for some of us, breakfast is synonymous with eating cereals. During our childhood feeding, cereal was the easiest way to recharge before going to school. And for this reason, we resort to this type of food first thing in […]

  • What is the most cultivated and produced cereal in the world?

    cereal corn

    What is the most cultivated and produced cereal in the world? It is one of the most repeated questions we do when we sit at the table. Especially during our breakfast, the time of day when we usually use cereals. Well, the answer is easy and probably it’s in front of us: corn. The most […]

  • The best fruit processing lines

    fruit processing lines

    Fruit processing lines are one of the offerings that Vulcanotec has developed for years. This is one of the reasons that we are the leader provider of the market at an international level. So that you can find out about our wide offer in this sector, we have written this article. For more information you […]

  • Ginger processing lines in Vulcanotec

    Ginger processing lines

    Giner processing lines are our speciality. Ginger is an ancient plant that in recent years has become fashionable. Its somewhat spicy flavor and its multiple properties have made it a highly valued spice throughout the world. Especially in Asian cuisine, where it is very present in their recipes. Part of the appeal of ginger lies […]