Cocoa and chocolate are very beneficial for health. Their composition, the way in which they help our body to perform its functions, the function they exert in our brain, etc. have led them to be considered superfoods. However, as the list of benefits is endless, at Vulcanotec we have summarized this list. In this way, we have written an article with the 13 health benefits of cocoa and chocolate. We hope you like it.

Cocoa products

Cocoa and health

Cocoa has always been used for medicinal purposes. Even in therapeutic actions or rituals. And it is that thousands of years ago that human beings realized how good it was for the body.

Many chronicles referred to the use of cocoa for Cocoa is used to: reduce weight gain, reduce fatigue, stimulate the nervous system and even improve digestive function.

And all this has made that more and more people find in chocolate an ally for their health. There are even studies that affirm this. In fact, in Panama – one of the countries that consumes the most cocoa in the world – there is research that shows that the consumption of this substance has a direct impact on the quality of life and good health of its inhabitants.

Do you know the origin of cocoa?

13 Health benefits of cocoa and chocolate

Among the long list of benefits associated with the consumption of cocoa and chocolate, we wanted to highlight a total of thirteen. They are as follows:

  1. It is an antioxidant. Thanks to the high content of polyphenols, the consumption of cocoa protects against bacteria and UV rays. The most abundant polyphenols in cocoa are flavonoids, catechins, and epicatechins. In addition, they reduce the production of free radicals and prevent aging.
  2. Provides essential minerals. Especially: magnesium, copper and iron. All of them very important for general health and for the functions of our body.
  3. The flavonoids present in cocoa increase the production of nitric oxide. What improves blood circulation
  4. Improves brain function. Thanks to the epicatechin and the catechize. Both cross the blood-brain barrier and protect it.
  5. Prevents heart disease. Cocoa flavonoids prevent blood vessel blockage by slowing blood clotting.
  6. Lower your blood pressure because it widens your blood vessels.
  7. Lowers cholesterol. Consuming cocoa powder on a regular basis lowers LDL (bad) cholesterol and increased HDL (good) cholesterol.
  8. Improves mood and helps prevent depression.
  9. The cocoa shell is rich in dietary fiber, which helps keep the colon healthy.
  10. Regulates blood sugar levels. Especially the polyphenols in dark chocolate, improve glucose breakdown, lower blood pressure and improve insulin resistance.
  11. Reduces mental fatigue. Thanks again to the flavonoids it contains.
  12. Improves oral health, especially if cocoa shell extract is used in mouthwash.
  13. It is effective in treating wounds and skin burns.


At Vulcanotec we are aware that in order to handle and shape cocoa properly, manufacturers need machines to help them. That is why we have been working in this direction for many years.

So, if you want better health, consume more chocolate and cocoa. Of course, do it by buying quality products, which provide you with the nutrients that we have highlighted. And if you are a producer, you already know that at Vulcanotec we have the machinery you need.