If you love chocolate, you know that not all chocolates are the same. There are chocolates of different qualities and flavours, but where to find the best cocoa in the world? In Vulcanotec we have found it. This is because we write this article. Remember that before now we talked about the origin of cocoa, too.

Do you know the origin of cocoa?

Best cocoa production in the world

There are many countries that produce cocoa in the world. But not all cocoas are the same. There are them of greater or lesser quality; suitable for making derivatives or ideal for the most demanding palates.

Currently, Ecuador is the country where the highest quality cocoa is found.

This is not the first time this has happened. And it is that in the XIX century, the country was the main world exporter of this product.

Leadership that was lost due to plant diseases and changes in the global market. This has changed in recent years. And it is that thanks to local farmers, this product has been recovered. Many companies have developed new proposals and that food-loving tourists have returned to this part of the American continent.


Ecuador: the best cocoa in the world

Ecuador’s sustainable local practices have helped the country make a cocoa comeback, and chocolate lovers can share in the sweet rewards.

Ecuador’s cocoa production is time-consuming and laborious. Cocoa cultivation falls mainly on individual farmers. People who have small spaces. This has made the market very fragile. In fact, during the coronavirus pandemic, these small farmers have become more vulnerable.

However, the future of cocoa is not in jeopardy. There is unity and resistance within the cocoa supply chain in the country. In addition to private and government initiatives that have helped facilitate the transport of cocoa for export. Financial support programs for farmers have also been launched.

Cacao, the tree from which chocolate is derived, grows strongly in the Santa Rita rainforest, in northwestern Ecuador’s Amazon. It is a place with great economic potential.

This is demonstrated by the thousands of farms that produce exceptional cocoa in the area. What has meant important changes in the society of these cities.

best cocoa in ecuador

Cacao and employment

Chocolate of origin like that of Ecuador is synonymous with sustainability and fair trade. But it doesn’t always happen in this way. And it is that we can find cocoa producers that are in poor condition. Or who are poorly paid for their work with cocoa.

Hence, cases like Ecuador are important. And it is that it avoids absurd situations in which farmers barely earn money to survive.

Irregular situations that happen even when there is a fair trade agreement. Especially since nobody invests in this type of economy. To make it better and more competitive.


Cacao and Vulcanotec

If you work in the chocolate industry, at Vulcanotec we can help you. We have all kinds of machinery to help you cut, peel, clean and process cocoa beans. In that way, your company will be more competitive and productive.

We are manufacturers of machines specialized in processing cocoa, with which you can roast, shell the cocoa bean, obtain nibs classified by size, as well as grind and refine the cocoa liquor.

We have two types of toasters that vary among themselves due to their capacity and type of operation, contact us and our consultants will be happy to recommend the best machinery according to your requirements.

All of our products are made of stainless steel. A material that does not wear out or damage when enters in contact with the product. Their support structure is made of carbon steel.