Cocoa products are used to add flavor, flavor and texture to foods. In this way, it provides nutritional and functional benefits to dishes or foods that are made with this ingredient.

Thus, for example, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor and cocoa powder are some of the main ingredients used to make chocolates. The favorable characteristics of cocoa butter (melting and contraction point) provide a melting sensation in the mouth and easy extraction of the chocolates from the molds.

Chocolate also serves to mask the unpleasant taste of pills or other pharmaceuticals. So its and use for medicinal purposes is increasing.

At Vulcanotec we know how important this market is, which is why we have thought of machinery that helps with its processing.


The cocoa industry

The cocoa and chocolate industry is very mature. Currently, there are many producing companies in the Cocoa and Chocolate industry.

The main players are Barry Callebaut, Cargill, Nestlé SA, Mars and Hershey.


Cocoa products

Dark chocolate is the main type of cocoa and chocolate, and there are also types like milk chocolate. With a fine cocoa and chocolate flavor, downstream industries will need more cocoa and chocolate products.

Therefore, cocoa and chocolate have enormous market potential in the future.

Manufacturers involved in the industry are trying to produce more types of flavored cocoa and chocolate by improving technology and adding additional agents. The main raw materials for cocoa and chocolate are cocoa beans, sugar and milk.


The main products made with cocoa

The main products that are made with cocoa are the following:

Baking chocolate

Baking chocolate was traditionally a sugar free candy bar. However, today it is also possible to buy a wide range of sweetened chocolate baking products. These chocolate bars tend to be cheap.

chocolate beans


Cocoa beans can be used in the same way that we use coffee beans. Cocoa powder undergoes processing that removes a large proportion of the cocoa butter.

Chocolate shake

Chocolate milk is a popular dairy product that combines cocoa powder with milk, sugar, and thickeners.

It contains added sugar, but is also a rich source of protein and offers a good variety of minerals due to the cocoa content of the drink.

Cocoa spread

Cocoa spread is another very popular product that is made from cocoa.

There is a wide range of chocolate spreads available, and many of them also contain hazelnuts.

Due to its sugar and oil content, chocolate spread has a smooth texture and a sweet taste.

The product can be spread even after refrigeration, and people tend to use it on bread or wheat-based products like pancakes.

Chocolate butter

Cocoa butter is the pure fat extracted from cocoa beans during processing. It is often used to make chocolate bars.

Cocoa Seeds

Cacao nibs are pure cacao beans that have been cut into small pieces. These small pieces of ground cocoa are often marketed as “health foods” and offer an excellent variety of nutrients.

However, they have an extremely bitter taste that many people find it difficult to enjoy.

Due to its crunchy texture, cocoa beans also work well in homemade nut mixes or as an ingredient in yogurts and desserts.

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At vulcanotec we are cocoa processing machinery manufacturers. We offer machines to roast, toast, hull and break the cocoa beans to obtain nibs, also to mill and refine the cocoa liquor.

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