Cereal is the breakfast food of our childhoods and yes of our future. And is that for some of us, breakfast is synonymous with eating cereals. During our childhood feeding, cereal was the easiest way to recharge before going to school. And for this reason, we resort to this type of food first thing in the day.

Over time, and being busy adults, the use of cereals continues to be frequent. We find in this food an ally in our nutrition. It is even probable that in many cases we keep the same type of cereal as then. Although, yes, processed or prepared in another way.


Cereal is the breakfast food of our childhood and, yes, of our future

Breakfast cereal is versatile enough to be a healthy food and a comforting treat at the same time. Hence your actually numbers (as far as production is concerned) support this trend. It is estimated that, as of 2016, the global breakfast cereal market was estimated to be worth more than $ 37 billion, and is expected to continue growing at a rate of 4.3 percent annually through 2025.

The researchers note that growing consumer interest in convenient, ready-to-eat foods is one reason for the continued expansion of this market. And that this trend will continue for many years to come. Of course, with variations.


Changes in consumption of breakfast cereals

Health and nutrition are two factors that influence our consumption of cereals.

Companies in the breakfast cereal market have long tried to appeal to health-conscious consumers. For this they have fortified sugary cereals, such as those for dessert, with essential vitamins and minerals. But people have changed and with them tastes. Hence, customers have also been interested in the other nutritional properties of their food.

Additionally, boxed cereals have earned a reputation for being highly processed. Also of being foods loaded with sugar. Two characteristics that consumers are moving away from in their purchases as they are considered unhealthy.

People seeking to better serve their own health and that of their families, look to new and old brands for options that are organic, high in protein, plant-based, and made with recognizable and nutritious ingredients.

cerealNew cereals

Love Grown is one of the emerging names in the breakfast related food industry. It is treated in a stream that is based on the use of other plants for breakfast. What a makeover for these breakfast cereals. Thus, many of them are made with beans, lentils, and brown rice. They contain only one gram of sugar per serving and offer 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. But, in addition, it is not of animal origin and is completely vegan.

While cold and ready-to-eat cereals remain the dominant category in this sector, hot cereals are also making headway. This has happened, for example, with oats, which in recent years have been used again by bloggers around the world who have shared their recipes. To eat it cold and even hot.

So cereal is the breakfast food of our childhood and, yes, of our future. And it is making its way to gain an important niche in our diets.

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