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  • Cocoa VS Chocolate: know the difference


    Cocoa vs chocolate is an article in which we help you differentiate between cacao and one of its derivatives, chocolate. And it is that despite being related, they are different. For this reason, they work with different machinery and undergo completely different processes. At Vulcanotec, as specialists in machinery for working with these types of […]

  • 13 health benefits of cocoa and chocolate

    health benefits of cocoa and chocolate

    Cocoa and chocolate are very beneficial for health. Their composition, the way in which they help our body to perform its functions, the function they exert in our brain, etc. have led them to be considered superfoods. However, as the list of benefits is endless, at Vulcanotec we have summarized this list. In this way, […]

  • Where to find the best cocoa in the world?

    best cocoa - fruit

    If you love chocolate, you know that not all chocolates are the same. There are chocolates of different qualities and flavours, but where to find the best cocoa in the world? In Vulcanotec we have found it. This is because we write this article. Remember that before now we talked about the origin of cocoa, […]