Pristine Nibs, Unmatched Efficiency: Revolutionize Your Cocoa Processing with the Vulcanotec Cocoa Winnower and Nibs Sorter

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In the realm of cocoa processing, efficiency, precision, and quality are vital for chocolatiers to create exceptional chocolate productsThe Vulcanotec Cocoa Winnower and Nibs Sorter has emerged as a game-changer in the industry, offering unparalleled performance and innovation. Let’s explore the remarkable features of this machine and understand why it is revolutionizing the processing of roasted cocoa beans, delivering high-quality nibs that chocolatiers truly appreciate.

Unmatched Precision:

The Vulcanotec Cocoa Winnower and Nibs Sorter epitomize precision, as the roasted cocoa beans pass through the machine only once. This efficient design ensures minimal handling and reduced processing time, preserving the integrity of the beans and enhancing the overall quality of the nibs. Chocolatiers can rely on the machine to consistently deliver exceptional results, as it guarantees an almost zero husk presence on the nibs.

Exceptional Quality and Hygiene:

Crafted with full stainless steel, the Vulcanotec Cocoa Winnower and Nibs Sorter prioritize hygiene and product quality. This material choice ensures that no unwanted contaminants are introduced during the processing stage, maintaining the purity of the cocoa beans and resulting in pristine, clean nibs. Chocolatiers can confidently use these high-quality nibs to create premium chocolate products that captivate the senses.

Precise Nibs Sorting:


One of the outstanding features of the Vulcanotec Cocoa Winnower and Nibs Sorter is its ability to sort cocoa nibs by size. By precisely categorizing nibs based on their dimensions, chocolatiers gain greater control over their chocolate-making process. This sorting capability enables them to create a range of chocolate products with varying textures and flavor profiles, offering versatility and creativity in their creations.

Enhanced Nibs Cleanliness:

The Vulcanotec Cocoa Winnower and Nibs Sorter excel at delivering exceptionally clean nibs. With its advanced separation technology, the machine effectively removes any remaining husk fragments or impurities from the nibs, resulting in a clean, pure product. This level of cleanliness contributes to the overall quality of the chocolate, allowing chocolatiers to produce smooth, velvety textures and enhance the flavor notes of their creations.

Customizable Solutions and Technical Support:

Vulcanotec understands the unique requirements of chocolatiers and offers customizable solutions to meet their specific needs. The Cocoa Winnower and Nibs Sorter can be tailored to fit seamlessly into existing production lines, ensuring a smooth integration process. Additionally, Vulcanotec provides comprehensive technical support, collaborating closely with clients to address any challenges and provide ongoing assistance, guaranteeing optimal performance and customer satisfaction.


The Vulcanotec Cocoa Winnower and Nibs Sorter revolutionize the roasted cocoa bean processing landscape, meeting the demanding standards of chocolatiers. With its one-pass operation, minimal husk presence, full stainless steel construction, precise nibs sorting, and enhanced cleanliness, this exceptional machine delivers high-quality nibs that chocolatiers appreciate. By investing in the Vulcanotec Cocoa Winnower and Nibs Sorter, chocolatiers can elevate their chocolate-making process, create exquisite chocolate products, and delight customers with the perfect balance of flavor, texture, and quality.