Cocoa Winnower & Nibs Sorter

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Introducing our advanced Cocoa Cracker & Winnower Machine, meticulously engineered to crack and winnow cocoa beans, resulting in the extraction of high-quality nibs. Our cutting-edge equipment incorporates a precision classification mechanism that effectively sorts the nibs into various sizes while employing a suction system to effortlessly separate the husk. With our toothed roller system, the roasted cocoa grains are delicately shattered, significantly reducing the cocoa dust content and enhancing overall process efficiency. Furthermore, our machine features a ventilation and vibration system, guaranteeing nibs with an almost negligible husk proportion (< 1%). Notably, the presence of cacao powder in the shells is rendered inconsequential due to our meticulous design. Experience the pinnacle of cocoa bean processing with our Cocoa Cracker & Winnower Machine, engineered to deliver outstanding results, precision, and minimal waste.

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