If you are looking for machinery for your quinoa processing lines, you are in luck. And it is that in Vulcanotec we have a lot of machinery in this sense. And it is that we are manufacturers of machinery for processing this cereal.

We offer, from machines to remove saponin and process quinoa flakes and even tools that will allow you to obtain quinoa powder.

At Vulcanotec we have a variety of crushing and screening machines, which vary among themselves by capacity, or type of operation. So that you can know them we have written this article. And if you need more information, contact us. From Vulcanotec we can recommend the best machinery according to your needs.

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Types of quinoa machines procesing lines

At Vulcanotec we are manufacturers of quinoa processing machinery. We offer machines to remove saponin and process quinoa flakes and quinoa powder. All of them have been made of stainless steel.

So that you can know them, we have written this article in which we present the main functions that each of them performs. Information that you can expand on our website. Just in the enter called: Quinoa processing lines.

Quinoa scarifier

It is a machine specially designed to remove saponins from quinoa by friction. Saponin is the small layer that covers the grain. With it the quinoa has a bitter taste.

Quinoa washing machine

With it you can wash different varieties of quinoa. And it is that it leaves the grain free of saponin by means of centrifugal force.

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Industrial centrifuge

On this occasion, Vulcanotec offers you a machine designed to separate the excess liquid from the product using centrifugal force.

It is ideal for centrifuging products such as: quinoa, aromatic herbs, tubers, peppers, garlic, oregano, French fries, onions, lettuce, among others.

Fluidized bed drying

It is a versatile machinery designed to dry quinoa and similar products.

The part that comes into contact with the product is made of stainless steel; and carbon steel has been used in the support structure.

It has a high efficiency gas-fired heat exchanger. This provides heated air to the entire chamber from the base. Thus, freeing the environment from all contamination and with homogeneous air distribution.

Quinoa sorter

Machine designed to classify quinoa in 3 different sizes. Simultaneously separates the powder from the quinoa grains.

Double hammer mill

It is a machine designed to break up all kinds of dry and non-fatty products such as: cereals, legumes, condiments, sugar, etc. The capacity and granulometry varies according to the type of product and the sieve.

Pulverizer hammer mill

Machine specially designed to spray food such as cereals, legumes, condiments, etc. It should be noted that the products must be previously dried.

The capacity and granulometry varies according to the type of product and sieve.

Laboratory mill

It is designed to break up and pulverize products such as cereals, condiments, herbs, dehydrated products, etc., in small quantities.

Monoblock Mill and Sieve

It is a utensil designed to pulverize and sift, in order to obtain a fine powder of various products such as maca, cereals, etc.

It has automatic recirculation.

Vibrating circular sieve

In this case it is a machine that has been designed to separate dust by different granulometries by means of a vibration system.

Cereal flake sorter

Machine designed to separate cereal flakes from cereal powder.