Roller Refiner

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Roller Refiner

Refine, mix and pre-conche formulations to obtain chocolate, creams, and nut pastes.

The cocoa paste from the Cocoa Mill is put into the lower container to be pumped into the roller chamber, in the same container the required formulation is entered: sugar, milk, etc. By means of this chocolate pump, the formulation will be recirculated until the desired micron size is obtained, both the lower container and the roller chamber have resistances to maintain the temperature of the product. Since it has 2 ventilation points, the mixture is pre-conche throughout the process, improving final conching times.

Material: Stainless steel AISI 304.


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  • Easy to handle
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Availability of spare parts

The Roller Refiner is a machine used for refining, mixing, and pre conche chocolate, it allows to eliminate acidic flavors and obtain a fine and fluid texture.

The Roller Refiner is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, it is equipped with a control unit composed of Start-Stop control that indicates the operation of the process by light signaling.

It also has a hopper for receiving the product, as a receiver for the cocoa paste. The Roller Refiner has a process chamber with two rollers with a rotating system with bearings and a special flange and special cover. The rollers are adjusted by side tensioners with studs.

The transmission of force is carried out by means of a pulley and a belt, both elements are covered by a safety guard. The Roller Refiner has a recirculating system that drives the constant flow of the product in the recirculation.


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