Drum Roaster

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Drum Roaster

Drum Toaster for beans.

Toasting is done after flaking, for larger productions the drum toaster lends itself well to do the job. The temperature is controlled automatically, the thermal system runs on gas and heats the chamber in a homogeneous way to transmit the heat to the grains in the best way, has an internal mechanical stirrer to move the product in the best way; for the evacuation of moisture or excessive heat it has a separate extractor, thus ensuring better toasting with few variations in temperature.

Material: Stainless steel in material in contact with the product and carbon steel in the support structure.

If you require another technical specifications, feel free to consult us.

  • Automatic temperature control
  • Sample extractor and process viewer
  • Easy and fast cleaning and maintenance
  • Wide range of products: Cocoa, coffee, barley, corn, flaxseed, sacha inchi, beans, etc.

Equipment designed for fast and efficient toasting of cocoa and coffee by batch in all varieties.

The capacity of the Drum Roaster is 100 kg/batch and the weight is approximately 270 kg.

The Drum Roaster has a thermal system of 3 gas-fired aerostatic burners with chispero ignition, a control unit with run-stop control, helical removal and steam extractor that indicates operation and process by means of light signaling. The control unit also controls the automatic fire ignition and allows the temperature to be displayed.

In terms of opening and closing the gas is automatic thanks to the solenoid electrovalve. It also features a steam extractor that sucks steam from the camera and a motor turning system.

It also features a steam extractor that sucks steam from the camera and a motor and pudcera-driven turning system.

On the other hand, the Drum Roaster is equipped with a pyramid-type feed hopper with sliding door and features a process chamber consisting of a central bar with rods and double twist-band with twist, process viewer and product sampling.


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