Conche machine

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Conche machine

Evaporates acidic flavors in a temperature-controlled environment

Once the chocolate has been refined and sieved, it should be conched to evaporate the chocolate’s own acids, improving its flavour and texture.

Our Chocolate Conche has a stirrer system that ensures a good cut or friction of the chocolate with the walls of the machine, has a jacket to regulate the temperature optimally and ensure an efficient conching.

*The production could vary according to the operator performance.

If you require another technical specifications, feel free to consult us.

  • Jacket with temperature control
  • Quick cleaning and easy maintenance
  • Fast product output

Conching consists of the evaporation of acids from the chocolate. This temperature-controlled process improves the flavor, texture and viscosity of the chocolate.

The refined and sieved chocolate is poured into the chocolate conching machine, a stirrer or agitator moves the chocolate and produces a friction with the jacket of controlled temperature, this movement produces an aeration of the chocolate that helps in the conching process.

Temperature control is important for acid evaporation and flavor enhancement. Our Chocolate Conchers have capacities of 15 kg/batch, 30 kg/batch and 60 kg/batch.


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