Cocoa and Coffee Roaster

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Cocoa and Coffee Roaster

Hot air bean toaster.

After flaking, toasting is performed, a key process for defining the taste and quality of chocolate. The Hot Air Toaster ensures a better toasting as it directly transmits heat to the whole surface of the grain toasting it homogeneously, to inspect the product samples can be extracted from the process, the movement of the grains in the chamber is made by the created air vortex, no mechanical movement required, no moving parts, this means a lower maintenance cost. It has safety systems, in the case of gas roasting it has an air sweep to prevent gas accumulations in the chamber as well as a flame detector.

Material: Stainless steel AISI 304 quality

If you require another type of capacity, feel free to consult us.

  • Toasting by hot air convection
  • Product movement system of air vortex-type
  • Cooling can perform in the same chamber or on the cooler
  • Sample extractor
  • Cyclone for waste reception

The cocoa and coffee roaster is specially designed for toasting cocoa beans and coffee. It performs even toasting thanks to its hot air system with whirlwind effect, which in turn allows for a lower energy consumption.

It has an integrated system for roasting and cooling the product.

Equipment capacity varies by product type in kg/batch, from 5 to 25 kg/batch.

The cocoa and coffee roaster has a frequency range that changes the speed of the motor and a control unit with automatic run-stop control, which indicates operation and process by means of light signaling. In addition, the control unit controls the automatic firing of the fire, allows the temperature to be displayed and incorporates a timer.

The combustion in the cocoa and coffee roaster is made by the gas burner with automatic ignition with chispero module, whose gas supply is possible thanks to the electro solenoid valve.

On the other hand, the cocoa and coffee roaster is equipped with a pyramid-type feed hopper with an ideal door for product slippage. The product is toasted by convection in the chamber that counts the process viewer and the product sampling.


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