Chocolate dispenser

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Chocolate dispenser

Dispenses chocolate or nut creams into jars.

For the final packaging stage we use this practical chocolate or cream doser, with adjustable speeds, works automatically. It has a hopper capacity of 8 liters and can dose from 4 g – 80 g at a time.

Cleaning and maintenance is very fast and simple to perform.

*The production could vary according to the operator performance.

If you require another technical specifications, feel free to consult us.

  • Speed regulation
  • Piston system for greater precision
  • Fast product output and almost non-existent dripping

The chocolate or nut paste / cream is deposited in the 8-liter capacity hopper, then it is pumped into the dosing system by a piston that first suctions the product and then deposits the exact amount in the bottle.

The process is automatic and fast, making the production line more efficient

Cleaning and maintenance is done quickly and safely.


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