Machine desing to get Slices from Ginger or other tubers.

Published in Slicer

  Machine designed to slice root crops such as ginger.


Published in Slicer
  • Very eficcient drying machine for product dehydration , from fruits to meats¿
  • Because of the uniform heat of the drying process is not necesseary to replace the trays 
Published in Frutas y Verduras
  • Separates the leaves from the branches.
  • Separated unloading
Published in Despalitadora
  • Machine designed to homogenize the products to smaller particules  for better and uniform distribution, increasing the " viscosity  " of diferent kinds of sauces , jams, syrups, etc . to further sub dividing the produc in aqueous medium 
Published in Mills
  • Machine designed to clasify  oregano leaves by size
  • Separation of oregano leaves by size 
Published in Especias y Condimentos